ELIAS JAGGER, farmer, P.O. Ada, was born in Licking County, Ohio, March 9, 1818. His paternal grandparents were John and Phoeba Jagger, the former born May 3, 1748, the latter July 2, 1746. His father, Silas Jagger, was born in New York September 1, 1774; and his mother, Sarah (Meeker) Jagger, was born July 3, 1776, one day before the Declaration of Independence. In 1840, our subject located in Allen County, Ohio, and remained there until 1868, serving six years as Justice of the Peace, since which time he has resided in Hardin County. He was married, May 15, 1838, to Maria Conkle, of Fairfield County, Ohio, and to them were born eleven children, their names and dates of births as follow: Wilson, March 2, 1839; Clarissa, February 23, 1841;  Almen, November 5, 1842; Clearman, October 4, 1844; Louisa, June 5, 1846; Winfield, March 12, 1848; Taylor J., March 23, 1850; Elisa T., August 23, 1852; Sarah M., March 9, 1855; Elizabeth J. March 24, 1857; Dorsey, October 15, 1860. On October 23, 1882, Mr. Jagger laid out the village of Jagger, on the Chicago & Atlantic Railway, in the southeast corner of Section 8, on the Round Head and Ada Turnpike. The village is nearly centrally located on the only railroad and turnpike of the township, and will probably soon become quite a business center.


History of Hardin County, Warner Beers Co., 1883