HENRY HOLLEY-is a son of Samuel and Letta (Thomas) Holley, who settled in this county in 1820, enduring all the privations of a pioneer life.  His father was born May 11, 1799, and died March 24, 1822; his mother was born in 1804, and died in January, 1869.  Henry Holley and Anna Sheets were married in this county  August 3, 1852.  They are both natives of Gallia County; he born April 11, 1827, and his wife September 9, 1829.  Mrs. Holley is a daughter of John and Susan (Henry) Sheets.  The children of Mr. Holley are: Lavanna, born April 13, 1853, died march 20, 1853; Thomas J., June 10, 1854; Elizabeth J., December 17, 1856; James B., October 26, 1858; Emily F., November 30, 1861; Eliza A., July 14, 1864; John S., April 28, 1866; William H., August 7, 1869.  Mr. Holley had five brothers in the late war, serving from four months to over one year; their names are William, James T., Samuel, Benjamin F., and Cornelius E.  Mr. Holley is a physician and farmer, residing in Ohio township.  Eureka, Gallia county, Ohio, is where he should be addressed.


History of Gallia County, Ohio - by H.H. Hardesty 1882